ObservationReceiving objective and impartial feedback is a critical element of performance improvement, so if you’re an athlete looking to enhance your game, or a coach wanting to maximise your effectiveness, my coaching service can help you.

Usually following an initial meeting (although this isn’t a strict requirement), I will attend one of your training sessions, or a match if you prefer, and observe you operating within your sporting environment.

To see you perform in your most natural state, whether that’s as an athlete or as a coach, it’s important that I’m not a distraction to you. Therefore, I’ll be as discreet as possible, taking up a position where I can see and hear you in action, but trying to blend into the background as much as possible.

Following the practice or match, we’ll have a debrief about how things went, and also on how we can take advantage of any learning opportunities. This may take place immediately afterwards, or if more appropriate, we can schedule the debrief for a better time. 

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